Nothing new under the sun

Witnesses at the moment certainly take the hand keyboard and going in the comments article, the author and cloud ever dishonor “is, as always, again, someone discovered America, gave it a new label and all of it can go crazy, as it is cool and trends, and yet … “Yes, the concept of renting machine time here since the inception of computers. Computing power as a service was provided first mainframes. From this perspective actually just brushed cloud over sixty years a well known concept. Virtual machines you can run longer on a well-known IBM System / 360 in the late 60s of the 20th century.

Cloud actually is the same approach, but with a much newer technologies and in another world. The increase performance and especially network technologies have moved virtualization and rent to a higher level; In addition, it is part of the IT ecosystem and vast amounts of personal computers, which for the past 30 years, reached the stage where its performance exceeds any of the original mainframe. (On site digress and say that the vast majority of this exercise in personal computers, either criminally slacks, or used to render pictorial user interface or as a runtime environment for high-level languages ​​…)

Cloudy therefore neither absurd nor a silver bullet that will solve all problems. It’s a new technology, which has its pros and cons, like any other, and if we get the essence and we will not be fooled by the clamor around him, we are able to competently decide whether it makes sense for us or not. But it is necessary first to shake deposition rumors, inaccuracies and misinterpretations.