User’s view

So far, we focused on how cloud developer sees, “one of the art”. For him it is an example of cloud AWS (Amazon Web Services – Amazon), App Engine (Google’s cloud) or Azure from Microsoft. These clouds provide an environment for running applications (usually a virtual server with a Linux or Windows, with App Engine is a web server with Python / Java / Go), data storage, database, and others, easy to use service. (AWS portfolio consists of several dozen services, ranging from purely technological through “payment gateway,” “fulfillment” to “labor”).

User view of cloud technology is different. The user does not see the technical details do not understand that the application uses what works using a CDN, and may not even understand. For him it is important that the application had to work “everywhere”. The main difference is the user that the data is not stored on your local computer, but somewhere “in the cloud”, and approach them using applications which again is not installed on your computer, but running “somewhere”. The user then simply accesses their user interface.