Virtual Servers (VPS)

A similar flexibility is only possible with virtualization technology, which constitute the cloud. But beware – virtualization itself does not mean cloud! If you are running in the “computer center” server, virtualized OS on it (and it accounts) to which users are connected “remote area” will not cloud, much less private. The essential difference lies in virtualization hardware and services ( “Data Storage”), which allows you to emphasize the horizontal scaling instead of scaling vertical ( “more tools” instead of “greater machine”) and parallel processing tasks.

Although cloudy offer the ability to run virtual servers, it does not mean that any provider of virtual servers (VPS) is also the cloud. Important differences in our current offer other virtualized services (storage, database, load Ballancer etc.), the “quantization” performance (VPS usually charge in monthly cycles and parameter changes take place in a matter of hours or days – at Cloud VS are minutes) Finally, in size: with a cloud provider can quite easily run “this server twenty” for VPS’s not so easy process and will require cooperation from the provider.

What distinguishes cloud hosting, VPS and purely virtualized solutions is just the aspect of “service”. According to Gartners cloud can be defined as “the way of using computing where scalable and elastic IT functions are delivered to users as a service.”