PC cloud
Cloud is not a hosting!

Cloud was in its infancy defined shortcuts SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, ie Software, Platform, Infrastructure as a Service. Under this concept, we introduce a form of “rent” time machine and the fund provider that is in terms of ordinary users “infinite”. An important difference from conventional web hosting, respectively. rent hardware and housing, lies in the […]

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Nothing new under the sun

Witnesses at the moment certainly take the hand keyboard and going in the comments article, the author and cloud ever dishonor “is, as always, again, someone discovered America, gave it a new label and all of it can go crazy, as it is cool and trends, and yet … “Yes, the concept of renting machine […]

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Virtual Servers (VPS)

A similar flexibility is only possible with virtualization technology, which constitute the cloud. But beware – virtualization itself does not mean cloud! If you are running in the “computer center” server, virtualized OS on it (and it accounts) to which users are connected “remote area” will not cloud, much less private. The essential difference lies […]

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